Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Websites

This is my first year to be in the library and I have found some GREAT resources for me and other librarians. I just wanted to post them for those of you that don't have these websites bookmarked yet, it might be helpful and and a good idea.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Internet Safety Websites

A newsletter can be sent to you from this website on the latest internet safety concerns and problems -

Free videos for kids on

Free videos for elementary kids

Free activity cards/lessons for students to learn internet safety from the librarian

Internet Browser for Kids

Okay, if you have kids on your computers and only want them to visit sites that have been approved by parents and teachers check out and download the free browser.
You are emailed a weekly report for your child's activity that week. If you want to pay for the service you can get a more detailed report. Your child can approve friends but you are notified if they try to approve a friend and you have the option to block that friend or even block them from being able to add friends.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Family News

My daughter did compete at the USA Regional Clogging competition in Branson MO and they all did really great. She did compete in the traditional solo category in the 11 and under and placed 2nd out of 9 competitors. All the team and group categories they placed 1st and 2nd in all their age division and also placed 2nd overall. We are headed to USA National Clogging competition on Labor Day weekend in Nashville TN!! Fun Fun Fun. I am so proud of her, this is her 5th year for clogging and her 4th year to compete!

Flat Stanley New Adventures

Those of you in a elementary library and your teachers have used the Flat Stanley lessons before, but it was something that started to get old. Well, Flat Stanley is back with new adventures and they are on the website Flat Stanley visits Mount Rushmore, Egyptian and Japanese in the first three books and I think there are going to be more coming out.

Need Feedback

Just wondering if anyone has a website for their library on their school website. If you do I would love to have some ideas on what you place on the website, and how often you update the website. If you have some ideas for me or just some thoughts of what I should place on that website, other than things that we have talked about in class, that would be greatly appriciated!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Links and Such

Most of you probably have this source or website link but I thought I would pass it on. Being a new librarian I find ALL kinds of websites and information intersting and I am putting all these different websites that you post under my favorites and love the help.
Arkansas Diamond Award Books

Charlie May Simon Award Books

This following link is a great way for students in 7-12 to learn some new or freshen up on their old vocabulary. This website also has different subjects that the students can practice vocabulary in. Not only are they learning new and old vocabulary but the rice that they "earn" is then donated to the UN World Food Program to end hunger.